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What are you hungry for? 

Break FREE from emotional eating and transform your relationship with food, your body and your life!


Do you struggle with what to eat? Are you always thinking or worrying about food? Do you use food to comfort you or to numb your feelings? Are you sick and tired with feeling sick and tired? Would you love to have a happy, healthy relationship with food and your body? Would you love to wake up feeling full of vitality, health and energy?


If you are ready to heal your relationship with food and step into BODY FREEDOM, JOY and INNER PEACE, then this workshop is for you.


  • End the struggle with food once and for all!

  • Restore health, vitality and a loving relationship with your body!

  • Learn how to eat mindfully, consciously and authentically!

  • Discover what you are really hungry for?

  • Learn about the five hungers and how they shape your body and your life.


Astrid shares her own secrets of success and teaches you how to heal and transform your own relationship with food to live your happiest and healthiest life.

“I have struggled with my eating since I was twelve. I am now fifty-two and finally I have made the connection. I cannot thank Astrid enough for her brilliant, enlightening and inspirational workshop. For the first time in my life I feel at peace with food. Highly recommended.”


“The past six months of my life have been transformational. Since doing Astrid’s “What are you hungry for” workshop I have lost four stone without dieting and started a new career as a personal trainer. I am astounded by the results. I didn’t diet – I listened and responded to my body. I have learned how to be with ALL of my hungers and nourish myself in ways that I never knew how to before. I am amazed and deeply grateful”


“If you’ve experienced the pain of being out of control around food you can only imagine how wonderful it feels to be free! I don’t need to imagine anymore – I AM FREE!” Astrid delivers an extraordinary workshop with warmth, vitality and passion.”

Romancing your body – Workshop

Discover the seven soul body promises that will radically transform the way you feel. This inspirational workshop shows you how to fall in love with your body, let go of emotional, mental and physical weight and live your happiest, healthiest life! Based on my book “Romancing your body” this workshop will leave you feeling energized, uplifted and inspired to take ACTION!


If you are ready to completely transform your relationship with you and feel more ALIVE, VITAL AND FULL OF ENERGY than ever before, this workshop is for you.


  • Be amazed at just how GOOD you can feel and make every day a love affair from the heart.

  • Break FREE from pain, shame and body doubt

  • Move out of your head and into your body

  • Release your old “body Story” and create a fabulous NEW EMPOWERING one.

  • Discover how to really “listen” to your body and understand your personal clues and keys for success, happiness and well-being

  • Discover what it is you are truly hungry for.

  • Release your emotional, physical and mental weight.

  • Learn positive energy psychology techniques to bring your body into a state of inner bliss, peace and harmony.


“Romancing your body has taught me to love my body! After 42 years of hating my body and always finding fault in how I looked I can honestly say that I love my body! It’s a very special feeling to be able to look at me in the mirror and smile. The “knock on” effects are huge! I eat when I’m hungry, cry when I’m sad, laugh when I’m overjoyed and rest when I’m tired. They sound like simple things but believe me they were the most difficult for me to do! I never honoured who I was or kept my own promises. It was always about other people. I came last on my list of people to love and care about! Today, my blood pressure is normal, my weight is lower than it’s ever been. I feel alive, healthy and happy. I’m real, rather than the ghost I used to be in my own life! Thank you for helping me make the connection!”

M. Lacey

“Coming to Astrid’s “Romancing your body” workshop has completely changed the way I look at myself, my body and my life. I didn’t realise just how powerful and empowering this event would be. I had done other workshops before but none hit the spot exactly as this one did. Astrid delivers an inspirational, educational and transformational workshop with warmth, laughter, passion and tools that will last me a lifetime! Thank you – I loved it! Highly recommended”

K. Mactaggart

"Astrid Longhurst presented an engaging, lively and memorable workshop to our students. The theme of the presentation was “developing a positive relationship with your body”. Astrid explained that the relationship comes from making a conscious choice to look after ourselves and value who we are. Astrid communicated the important message that ‘it's not about the shape, size or appearance of our body that matters but instead that we value who we are as people. Loving ourselves is a conscious decision to befriend, champion and support our own uniqueness’. The opportunity to hear this message as presented by Astrid is invaluable for so many young people.


Astrid’s presentation is one to experience; lively and high spirited, it is fun and enjoyable. The feedback from all in attendance was positive in the extreme. To be recommended……"


Katherina Broderick, Principal, Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland

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