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Chakranetics™ is a beautiful mindful movement practice. It embodies energy medicine, moving meditations and positive body psychology.

It is a revolutionary and evolutionary new mind body & soul fitness paradigm for everyone who is searching for a new way to fully embody their lives and enhance their well-being, health, joy, inner peace, energy and vitality.

The system combines the energy pathways of the physical body, the mental body and the subtle energetic systems of the chakras and meridians as a body template.

It offers a sacred space in which to unwind, move out of the constant chatter of the mind and “come home” to the wisdom of your body, heart and soul.

Chakranetics™ is joyful, expansive, flowing and the most beautiful way to empower yourself to create lasting positive changes and transformation in your life.

By using a blend of beautiful flowing mindful movements, the very practice of mindfulness is embodied. One of the most revolutionary principles of Chakranetics™ is the added “layering” of energy medicine and meaningful movement.

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“I have recently finished treatment for breast Cancer and had difficulty sleeping at night. I suffered with pains in my legs and very little movement in my arm due to surgeries etc. I found Chakranetics very beneficial for meditation and calming of the mind and when mixed with gentle mindful movement I found my arm loosening out. Movement increasing with each class and I also found my sleeping improved from 2-3 hours to 7 hours straight which was amazing for me. I find my energy levels improving and for the first time in two years feeling like me again and enjoying life, living in the moment.”
J. Tangney


I have just completed the first level of this extraordinary movement practice and training course. I have to say that every single part of it has exceeded my expectations. I knew a little about energy medicine and movement but the way that Astrid has blended mind body and soul into this movement modality is completely new and ground breaking for me! I am excited to begin teaching Chakranetics and I am so grateful for all the support and guidance that Astrid has given me. Incredible course!

J.W Duncan

Become an accredited Astrid Longhurst Body Confidence Coach!
Be a part of a new generation of transformational coaches. Teaching a new body culture that changes the shape of the world!

Astrid Longhurst is the founder and director of the Institute for body confidence coaching. The Institute for Body Confidence Coaching is at the forefront of a powerful, new, holistic conscious bodymind and spirit healing movement.

Inspired by the new conscious paradigm of positive psychology, energy medicine and quantum science this programme is changing the way we understand our relationship with our bodies, food, fitness, weight, body image, authentic eating, happiness and health.

Be at the cutting edge of Body Confidence & positive Bodymind Psychology Coaching today.

  • Learn exciting and innovative approaches to body, food, movement, fitness and health.

  • Make a real difference to yourself, others and the world.

  • Be part of a new movement & evolution that is leading the way we see ourselves, our bodies and the planet.

  • Earn a rewarding living doing something you love and making a positive difference in the world


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At last I am on the right path!

“I have always felt that I was here to do something really special with my life. For many years I didn’t know what that was. And then I discovered Astrid’s body confidence coach certification training. My own journey and relationship with my body has been uncomfortable to say the least. And so I embarked on the Body Confidence training course from two levels. One was to help me personally and the other was to see if I could also help other people. By the end of the training I am amazed to say that I felt confident enough to start up my own coaching practice. And although its early days, I feel that I am (at last) on my right path. My own self and body confidence have soared and every day I give thanks that I took the step forward to enroll for this fabulous course. I highly recommend it! Thank you Astrid!”

B. Stockley - Body Confidence Coach



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