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It's so easy to tell the people we love that they are wonderful, gorgeous and that we love them! However, when it comes to doing this for ourselves, we can forget that we need to hear those words of appreciation too! Enjoy this short body love tip to boost your confidence and lift your spirits! Remember that your body loves to hear the good stuff!

This short video teaches one of my favourite mindful movements for helping you to move into peace and release stress. It's based on my energy medicine movement programme called Chakranetics and is a lovely way to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Whenever you move with conscious, mindful awareness and attention we bring ourselves back to our body and out of the anxious mind. Do this whenever you need it or simply make it a part of your morning self care routine

Enjoy this fun, upbeat body confidence Affirmation.


When you add movement to words and create a positive intention, affirmations come alive. So too does feeling fabulous! Change your energy and you change your life! This one is called "I am enough!"

This is such a beautiful way to begin the day!! I always spend a little time in the morning writing my journals. One of my favourite journaling exercises is to write a Body Gratitude Journal. I teach about this at the IBCC (Institute for Body Confidence Coaching). It's a powerful way to connect and build a loving, kind and compassionate relationship with our bodies. Pets seem to be drawn towards it too as you will see in the video!!!

How do you know what your thoughts are up to? The answer is that we FEEL the way that we think. Most of the time we are replaying the past in the present moment. This means we keep generating the same old emotions and the same old thoughts. We have the same old conversations and we experience the same old reactions. Our body is the truth teller - the key is to learn to speak the body's language. Astrid explains how to use your body's intelligence to track your thoughts to experience greater joy, health and vitality in your life!

Enjoy this short and sweet meditation to help you re-balance and focus on the beauty that is all around you. Loving your body means taking time to centre yourself and find those delicious moments in life where we can reconnect with our hope, passion, gratitude and appreciation.

Every day brings us new choices and endless possibilities. Be uplifted and inspired by this beautiful short little video. Play it every morning to boost your positivity and start your day well!

I was so inspired this morning by the fabulous dance of the trees in the garden. As I watched them I was reminded to not hold back - to allow my energy to flow and dance. To follow the call of the wind, to sway and rock with ideas and dance to my own tune and romance my body every single day with this glorious experience called life! Have the most wonderful to your own beautiful tune so we can all create a symphony! 

It's as easy to create a positive thought as a more negative one. Enjoy this mini Life Class with Body Confidence Expert & Author Astrid Longhurst, who explains how and why it's essential to create positive thoughts and the benefits they have on our health & wellbeing!

Enjoy this beautiful gratitude meditation. When life feels too overwhelming or you just need a pick me up, pause from your day and remember all of the things that you feel grateful for

Wherever we direct our thoughts and attention, our energy follows. Even one minute of mindful focus and intention can be a game changer in terms of how you feel and think. Enjoy this one minute mindful abundance meditation. Breathe in abundance and nourish your Mind, Body and Soul.

Get ready to feel really FABULOUS in this energising mini life class! Energy is everything and it's what really matters now during this time of managing our emotions during this Corona Virus. The better you feel the more your body moves out of the stress response. This means that we think more clearly, we sleep better, we become more creative and it also helps to boost our immune system. Join me in this fun mini life class where I am teaching my number one energy boosting technique! Stay well and wonderful xx

Learn how to feel safe, grounded and peaceful in times of stress and uncertainty. This short video shows you how to really ground yourself in times of stress, uncertainty and anxiety. Top Life & Body Confidence Coach & Author Astrid Longhurst shows you how to combine breath, movement and a spoken mantra to help bring you back into feeling safe, grounded and present

Take a moment and allow your mind to bathe in the most beautiful imagery. Nourish your Soul, Romance your body and Soothe your mind

Just a fun video and a bit of a brain teaser to have you smiling and taking your thoughts away from the Corona Virus for just a little while! Much love to you! Stay well and wonderful!


A Snapshot of my Body Story and journey

Take a moment to breathe and leave the outside world behind.

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