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Ask Astrid

Astrid helps Sarah with a lifelong weight battle!

Astrid Longhurst, helps Sarah overcome a lifelong struggle with her weight. Hear what Astrid has to say about how to change these patterns and stop weighing up to three times a day!

How do I learn to love my body?

Astrid Longhurst, gives coaching advice to Sally on how to love her body! Astrid explains how loving your body changes your life & why it's the foundation to living your best life! Astrid says, "When we loves ourselves, we treat ourselves better."

Featured Interview

Astrid Longhurst chats to Rosie McGrath (Plant based chef & Body Confidence Coach) about her journey into health and wellbeing after suffering from IBS for many years! Rosie's journey is inspirational as she found her path to wholeness & happiness. Be inspired as Rosie talks about how she changed her relationship with food, her body, illness & herself

All about Body Confidence

Astrid Longhurst chats to Dr, Mary McCaffrey about loving your body and how we need to stop comparing ourselves with others. Filmed at The Connect Kerry Christmas Celebration for women in Co. Kerry

 Astrid Longhurst talks about how stress affects your weight and body confidence. Filmed at Connect Kerry Christmas Celebration lunch

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