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How to Activate your inner Goddess

At Sixty, I found my inner Goddess and how you can too!

I never really ever thought of myself as a Goddess! That would have seemed far too high an aspiration for me. A goddess, who me? Surely not! However, something has changed within me since I entered my 60th year. I don’t quite know what it is but it is a shift, a change and a whisper of possibility that maybe, after all I have Goddess energy flowing through my bones and whispering through my veins!

So, I started researching…what makes a woman a Goddess? And what I found resonated so deeply and powerfully within me that I have to say that without a shadow of a doubt I truly am a Goddess! Even writing this makes me smile as it seems so far away from the woman I was and yet at the age of 60 I have become a Goddess in my own lifetime and it feels FABULOUS!

The journey of aging seems to be a precursor to all things Goddess. Someone once said to me that the word AGE stands for Annually Gaining Enlightenment! I loved that and it feels so true, especially as I can finally own that I really have gained enlightenment as I travelled my own journey through this life. I don’t mean enlightenment in the sense of the word that I have it all figured out and somehow, I’m above it all. No, the opposite is true as I know I still have so much to learn; however, my journey has taught me wisdom, kindness (especially to myself), compassion, understanding and a deep sense of love for people and this beautiful planet we all inhabit.

Top five tips for activating your inner Goddess, at sixty and beyond.

· Romance your body and fall in love with your life. Our bodies are where we live; our home throughout this lifetime. Begin each day by romancing and dropping into your body. Connect with your bones and see them as strong and supportive. Move your muscles and imagine moving with ease, joy and grace. Smile inwardly at your cells and visualize them smiling back, happy to be a part of you. Thank your amazing body for all she does and step into your day with love and appreciation

· Work through pain with grace and courage. At times life can be painful, stress may be unavoidable and death and loss is inevitable. Allow yourself to lean towards the uncomfortable emotions and listen to their messages. Pain changes. It shifts and moves. Work through things in your own time & embrace your vulnerability. This is where true power lies. Use your pain to help you to become a beacon of light inspiring other women to shine out loud.

· Become MORE of who you authentically are. Becoming more of who we authentically are takes time. At sixty, we know more of what we don’t like, don’t need or don’t wish to spend our time on. However, we are also navigating new changes and are perhaps re-evaluating our dreams and desires. Allow yourself to be swept off your feet with all of the things that you love. Take yourself by your own hand and run full pelt into the wildness of your heart. Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and loved, write your words, paint your dreams, sing your own precious songs and create a symphony of YOU. Don’t hold back, your time is now!

· Create your own inner world of love & beauty. Sometimes the external world can make us doubt who we are or lower our energy so that we feel “less than,” “invisible” or simply not relevant anymore. When the news fills you up with tears and tragedies, offer your love to those who suffer. When people speak of scarcity, lack and pain, open your arms and heart to abundance, joy and the wisdom of appreciating all of your blessings. When you feel lost and alone, remind yourself of how beautiful you truly are as you refuse to buy into another self-limiting thought or idea. Wrap your Goddess cloak gently around your beautiful shoulders as you follow your true north and step out to illuminate the Universe!

· Embrace your inner wild child or rebel. No matter how old you are, stay in touch with your inner wild child and free spirit. This is the part of us that prefers to write our own rules and cultivate a life that we love. Ask yourself these fabulous coaching questions to help you tap into your own gorgeous Goddess wisdom and energy:

1. Who have I become and who am I becoming?

2. What is it to be passionate?

3. What golden nuggets have I learned from my life & what do I desire to share?

4. If my inner wild child could speak right now, what would she say?

Do you have your own tips for activating your inner Goddess? If so, I would LOVE to know what they are?

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