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  • Excerpt from Romancing your body by Astrid

My Soul is fat!

My soul is fat!

When I truly “got” this, my body became the focal point of how I brought more of my soul into being. Instead of holding back thinking that I couldn’t step out into the world because I was too big, too old or any of the other fears I had, I asked myself different questions. These were as follows:

What is the gift that I am here to share?

What is the message I am here to give?

What do I desire to feel every day of my life?

How can I honour the calling of my soul within my body?

What is it my soul most wants to experience within my body?

I realised that my soul was huge! It was enormous in its appetite for life, love, experiences and creativity. Every new diet with all of its restrictions also starved my soul for what it really desired. Every time I reigned myself in or turned away from what I could be, my soul withered a little more. But the truth is that my soul is fat and it desires to be gloriously huge! It is brimming over with hundreds of books that I have in my heart to write and it has space for more! It is full of yearning for the experiences that life and being ALIVE has to offer. It seeks to see the beauty and excitement it feels reflected back in the sweet embrace of my physical body. My soul longs to dance, to move, to laugh to create and to connect with other beautiful fabulous souls who are all so full of their own wild, passionate living. More than anything else, my soul craves to be loved with a passion that lights up the deepest reaches of space. This is what I am here for. To live and love deeply, irrevocably and fearlessly!

The questions I asked myself shifted my outlook about what I was truly here to experience, create, be and do. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it wasn’t about losing weight or having tightly toned arms or any of the other things I had strived so hard to get. I knew that it was all about how much love I could feel and share with others every moment of my life. I understood that every single thing I thought, spoke, ate, created and experienced mattered because it was about expressing the vastness of my soul! I understood that it was about getting IN to my body instead of doing everything I could to escape. And, as someone who had spent the greatest part of my life trying to get away from my body, my hugest gift, learning and joy has been in being able to accept and love ALL of me and not run for the hills or the fridge in order to escape.

Let’s make a choice to become more fully alive and plugged in to the greatest experience of what it means to be ourselves. Let’s make a conscious decision to befriend us, love us, cherish us, listen to us and celebrate who we are every moment of every day so that we can live empowered fabulous magnificent, messy, glorious and wonderful lives! Let’s declare to the soft breezes of the night and the warming winds of the day that we are ready to be enchanted by our hearts, gathered by our own body’s wisdom and swept off our feet time and time again as we fall into the gentle caress of our own loving arms.

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