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How to fall deeply, passionately & wildly in love with your body and your life!

  • Stop putting your life “on hold” and commit to YOU.

  • Release your emotional, mental and physical weight and move into body joy and freedom.

  • Learn how to create a new body story.

  • Make every day a love affair from the heart & embark on the most deeply fulfilling relationship of a lifetime – the one with YOU.

  • Discover how to keep every promise you make to you and why it matters!

  • Turn every day into a date with the Universe.

  • Discover just how good your body can feel and why loving yourself is the most self-caring thing you can do for others.

  • Break FREE from pain, shame and body doubt.

  • Move out of your head and into your body.

  • Discover what it is that you are truly hungry for.

  • Romance your body & fall in love with your life.

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Love your body, Love your Life

International Body Confidence Coach

If you have struggled with your body in any way...

It is likely that your body and your relationship with it is the greatest teacher in your life.

My body journey has taken me on a rollercoaster ride of compulsive, addicted, chaotic eating, chronic dieting and feeling totally out of control around food to a place of peace, calm and love for my body, food and my life.

If you are ready to take the next step in loving your body, healing your relationship with food and being the greatest version of yourself that you can possibly be – then I would love to work with you

Coaching, Workshops & Training



Work with Astrid personally in her one to one signature coaching programmes:

Choose from:

  • One to one Body Confidence & Breakthrough Coaching via Skype/Zoom with email follow up

  • Six & eight week one to one specialized coaching programmes

  • Business Body Confidence Consultancy & Bespoke Coaching

  • Radiant life coaching – Skype/Zoom

  • Energy medicine mindful movement - one to one coaching, Skype/Zoom

  • Body Love healing meditations - one to one session. Skype/Zoom



Join Astrid for her signature Body Confidence workshops online via Zoom

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  • What are you hungry for? (Break FREE from emotional, distressing eating and transform your relationship with food, your body and your life). If you are ready to heal your relationship with food and step into BODY FREEDOM, JOY and INNER PEACE, then this workshop is for you.


  • Romancing your body - If you are ready to completely transform your relationship with you and feel more ALIVE, VITAL AND FULL OF ENERGY than ever before, this workshop is for you. Astrid shows you how to fall in love with your body, let go of emotional, mental and physical weight and live your happiest, healthiest life!

  • Re-Write your body story - Imagine that you are a blank page and the way that you live today will etch words on to you and create a story for the world to see. What words do you want emblazoned onto your body? This powerful and unique workshop will show you how to create a new body story while letting go of what no longer serves you.



Body Confidence Coach Certification

  • The Body Confidence Coach Certification is the only one of its kind in the world. We offer this Mind Body Soul Coach Training as a blended learning program that has a powerful and dynamic curriculum that certifies you as an IBCC Body Confidence Coach. Be part of a new generation of transformational body confidence coaches.

  • Chakranetics™ is a revolutionary and evolutionary new mind body & soul fitness paradigm for everyone who is searching for a new way to fully embody their lives and enhance their well-being, health, joy, inner peace, energy and vitality. The system combines the energy pathways of the physical body, the mental body and the subtle energetic systems of the chakras and meridians as a body template.



A few lovely words...

“Astrid says we should all love our bodies. And what’s more, she can tell you how to do it!”

This Morning ITV

“Astrid is perfect proof that body image is all about believing in yourself.” Woman’s Own

“Refreshingly honest…will teach you how to live your life in the now!”

Irish Examiner


“Combining motivation and upbeat advice, it’s A good way to remind yourself that, actually you’re Pretty fantastic after all!”

Slimmer, Healthier, Fitter


“Women all over the country have taken to Astrid like a duck to water! She’s funny, she’s knowledgeable and she’s real!”

Sunday Express


“Astrid Longhurst is tanned and toned and sexy – because that’s the way you feel if you feel good about yourself!”

Daily Mirror

"I've arranged for Astrid to come speak to our 5th Year students for three consecutive years as part of Mental Health Week. She is an energetic, engaging and inspirational speaker. The students always enjoy her captivating account of her own struggles with her body image and she exudes a positive energy which is contagious and to which the girls respond warmly. Her message about accepting oneself with kindness and compassion needs to be heard by every young person again and again. She's fabulous!"


Brid Prendiville - Presentation School, Tralee, Co. Kerry

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