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Body Glow - The Ultimate Mind Body Soul Soother - Meditation


























Melt into a deep, sensual and luxurious relaxation meditation to soothe your mind body heart and soul. Stretch out into the infinity of you and allow your body to surrender into the moment. Pure bliss.


“Just beautiful – I relaxed deeper than I have ever done before.”


“I could feel my body letting go of all of the stress and tension. Even my headache went. Thank you!”

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                  ROMANCING YOUR BODY

How to fall deeply, passionately & wildly in love with your body and your life!




Something extraordinarily magical happens when you decide to love your body – life falls in love with you!


Romancing your body invites you to embark on the most loving and fulfilling relationship of your life – the one with your body, heart, mind and soul. It is written in the form of seven soul body promises that make up the core of every loving and successful relationship. Each promise invites you to make a commitment to your body and fall more deeply and authentically in love with all of you!


Romancing your body is a call to action! A gentle and loving reminder of who you really are. If you have struggled with your body in any way then get ready to start living really well! Romancing your body will change the way you see yourself and BE yourself! It’s a relationship that never ends – it’s eternal, deeply fulfilling and radically transforming

  • Stop putting your life “on hold” and commit to YOU.

  • Release your emotional, mental and physical weight and move into body joy and freedom.

  • Learn how to create a new body story.

  • Make every day a love affair from the heart & embark on the most deeply fulfilling relationship of a lifetime – the one with YOU.

  • Discover how to keep every promise you make to you and why it matters!

  • Turn every day into a date with the Universe.

  • Discover just how good your body can feel and why loving yourself is the most self-caring thing you can do for others.

  • Break FREE from pain, shame and body doubt.

  • Move out of your head and into your body.

  • Discover what it is that you are truly hungry for.

  • Romance your body & fall in love with your life.

About Astrid

Hello, I’m Astrid Longhurst and it’s so good to meet you. Welcome!

My earliest memories were all about my body and how I didn’t feel good enough or slim enough. I believe that all of our lives are journeys of discovery about how we can become MORE of our authentic self. If you have struggled with your body in any way, then it is likely that your body and your relationship with it is the greatest teacher in your life. My body journey has taken me on a rollercoaster ride of compulsive, addicted, chaotic eating, chronic dieting and feeling totally out of control around food to a place of peace, calm and love for my body, food and my life.

The hunger I now feel is an insatiable appetite and desire for life. I believe this has always been there…from the six-year-old ballet dancer who was told, “You are too fat to dance!” To the adult woman who believed she was too broken to be loved. Underneath my entire life’s journey the whispers of my soul were kept safe within my body until I could listen without running and feel without doubting. I am so privileged, humbled and blessed to have this body – MY body. What other relationship gives you so much? Who else will stand for you, keep your dreams alive, heal you, nurture you, believe in you and be with you right to the end, when this particular physical journey is over.

Your body is the vehicle to your dreams! It is the physical home in which you live throughout this lifetime. Being body confident is about making your 'home' the most fabulous place to be. A safe place where you will always have a sense of strength and peace within, just by loving your body and by being confident in who you are.

For the past thirty years I have been teaching people how to make their body the most fabulous place to live. I have helped thousands of women (and a few men!) to heal their relationship with food, move with purpose, create a new empowering body story and live the lives their were destined to live.

Taking care of your beautiful body is the doorway to body freedom, health, unlimited vitality and inner peace. It’s all about coming “home" to YOU!

If you are ready to take the next step in loving your body, healing your relationship with food and being the greatest version of yourself that you can possibly be – then I would love to work with you.


Check out details of my coaching programmes, workshops, courses and training. If you have any questions please just get in touch.


With love, Astrid

Coaching, Workshops & Training



Work with Astrid personally in her one to one coaching programmes:

Choose from:

  • One to one Coaching via Telephone/Skype with email follow up

  • Six week one to one specialized coaching programmes

  • VIP life coaching tea party

  • Corporate Body Intelligence coaching

  • General life coaching – three week course via Telephone/Skype



Join Astrid for her signature Body Confidence workshops:


  • What are you hungry for? (Break FREE from emotional, distressing eating and transform your relationship with food, your body and your life). If you are ready to heal your relationship with food and step into BODY FREEDOM, JOY and INNER PEACE, then this workshop is for you.


  • Romancing your body - If you are ready to completely transform your relationship with you and feel more ALIVE, VITAL AND FULL OF ENERGY than ever before, this workshop is for you. Astrid shows you how to fall in love with your body, let go of emotional, mental and physical weight and live your happiest, healthiest life!



Astrid runs two specialist training programmes to become an accredited Body Confidence Coach and a Chakranetics mindful movement energy teacher.

Start a new rewarding career doing something you love and making a positive difference to others at the same time.


Chakranetics™ is a revolutionary and evolutionary new mind body & soul fitness paradigm for everyone who is searching for a new way to fully embody their lives and enhance their well-being, health, joy, inner peace, energy and vitality. The system combines the energy pathways of the physical body, the mental body and the subtle energetic systems of the chakras and meridians as a body template.


Body Confidence Coaching

The Body Confidence Coach Training Certificate is the only one of its kind in the world. We offer this Mind Body Soul Coach Training as a blended learning program that has a powerful and dynamic curriculum that certifies you as an authentic Body Confidence Coach. Be part of a new generation of transformational body confidence coaches.


Pump the Positive - DVD (by post only)


Welcome to “Pump the Positive!

A fabulous mind and body workout that not only exercises your body but your mind and emotions too!
The type of exercise you do is important, but what matters even more is How you exercise! This workout will show you how to link your physical and mental muscles to create that real Feel good factor!
No matter what size, shape or age you are – everyone can experience the absolute joy of living in a fit, happy and healthy body! A body that you love


The Ultimate Body Confidence Fitness Workout (DVD) 

Ireland €20.00 including P&P
Europe €25.00 including P&P

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