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Romance your body (and life) with your dreams

Romance your body with your dreams

As a Piscean, some people say that I’m too dreamy. That I live in a dream world of magic and wonder, of endless possibilities and fairytale adventures. To be honest, I love those comments. I used to believe that I should live in the “real” world, until I discovered the magic ingredient for living my happiest life, which is to live in the inner world of my dreams and imagination as much as possible.

Everything that has ever been made, born, created or constructed began first in the sleepy hollows of our mind. And from there it gained in energy and excitement until it became a possibility and a dream that had pure power and potential. Without our dreams there are no new ideas, no wonderful new inventions or creations, no possibilities and no reason to get excited by a brand-new thought that arises from deep within us.

Dreams are like “trailers” of what is to come

Dreams are like the trailers at your life movie at what is to come. They preview all kinds of possibilities and adventures, should you choose to follow them. The number one key to remember is that dreams on their own will stay in the ethereal world of fantasy and imagination. To make your inner world your outer world you need to take action on the dreams that you have.

Just as in the movies, you can watch the trailer but to experience the whole thing you have to buy a ticket to be admitted.

Dreams need co-partners of action, enthusiasm, belief and a greater sense of purpose

As a Body Confidence & transformational Coach, I absolutely know and have witnessed thousands of people who have come to see me with a dream and have left with a plan and a purpose. We need both if we are to fully take action and responsibility for all that we can be and the fullest expression of our lives. The biggest thing is to believe in YOU! When others shake their head and say, it can't be done, don't take it personally. It's not about you! All they are showing you is what they believe about themselves. Snuggle deeper into the heart of your dreams and nurture them gently until they are ready to be birthed into the external world.

There are all kinds of shapes and sizes of dreams - one size does NOT fit all!

Many of my own personal dreams have come true. I wanted to dance on the Telly and became the first plus size fitness presenter on UK national Television (GMTV). I wanted to write and have published two books that make me feel deeply fulfilled and help others in the process.

I wanted to wear the most beautiful clothes and feel good about myself and this dream was fulfilled when I became a plus size model. I dreamed of creating an approved Certificate training course for up and coming Body Confidence Coaches that would inspire a whole new generation of professional transformational coaches. I do this at The Institute for Body Confidence Coaching. (IBCC).

These were some of my bigger dreams, however what I have realised is that dreams don’t have to be huge or life changing. Some of the sweetest and most fulfilling dreams are those that speak of everyday joys and pleasures. To dream of sitting in the sun on a balmy summer’s day, to walk barefoot on the beach, to dream of holding your loved one close when you haven’t seen them for a while. These are the possibly the most fulfilling dreams of all.

Dreams are there to call you on.

At the age of sixty-one, I have many more dreams still to be danced with and enjoyed. They wrap themselves around me like a warm and comforting shawl. I have never bought into the notions of aging or settling for living on what you have done in the past. Whilst there are new pastures ahead of me and endless possibilities in my mind, body and soul, I will follow the call of my wild heart and allow her to lead the way.

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