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Our bodies are fabulous!

Every single body on this entire planet is extraordinary, beautiful, amazing and completely unique! Just look at all of the incredible things we get to experience through and with our bodies. We move, love, walk, dance, talk, read, sing, make cups of tea, watch a breathtaking sunset, cradle a baby, sense the sun on our skins and feel the breeze blowing lightly through our hair. How absolutely marvellous

it is to have a body – to be alive! And yet many people are living in despair of their bodies. They judge and dislike the way they look and the things they do. They compare their bodies with other bodies and tell themselves they are not good enough! Body Confidence is fundamental to how we live our lives. When you feel self conscious about any part of your body you pull back from life. There may be things that you want to do but you won’t because you’re worried about what others might say about the way you look. With the constant scrutinizing of celebrity bodies in the media and the obsession to be “perfect” we have lost the connection between who we are and the wonderful bodies we live in. What if you looked in the mirror and thanked your body for all the living that it has allowed you to experience? What if you stopped telling yourself someone else’s “story” of how you should look and just loved the way you do look? What if you asked your body it’s opinion on the latest diet fad before your mind decided that this was your last chance at shedding some weight? Make the connection and come “home” to the most wonderful gift you will ever have! YOUR BODY!

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