My body is my guide:

My body is my guide, my mentor, my friend and my deepest connection to the aliveness of my soul. However it hasn’t always been this way. When I think back to the earliest days of my life my body was my tormentor, my enemy and something that I felt ashamed to live in. I didn’t want the body I had because this body caused me pain. It made me feel embarrassed and ashamed. It wasn’t as slim or as ”perfect” as other bodies I saw. It didn’t run very fast, it needed extra size clothing to cover it and it didn’t behave in the way that I thought it should. The body I lived in back then got bullied. It was called names that no body should ever be called. It didn’t seem to fit in no matter how hard I t


Our bodies are fabulous! Every single body on this entire planet is extraordinary, beautiful, amazing and completely unique! Just look at all of the incredible things we get to experience through and with our bodies. We move, love, walk, dance, talk, read, sing, make cups of tea, watch a breathtaking sunset, cradle a baby, sense the sun on our skins and feel the breeze blowing lightly through our hair. How absolutely marvellous it is to have a body – to be alive! And yet many people are living in despair of their bodies. They judge and dislike the way they look and the things they do. They compare their bodies with other bodies and tell themselves they are not good enough! Body Confidence is

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